How do guns work?

A gun is a tool for making a bit of metal move very fast. It accomplishes this goal by accelerating the bit of metal over time. First, the gun seals the bit of metal in an area where it only has one direction to go, and then creates pressure behind the metal, pushing the bulletContinue reading “How do guns work?”

Being Non-Dominated

A lot of people try to be the best at something – but that’s pretty difficult, because you are competing with lots of other people, and only one of you can be the best. If your measure of self-worth is based on being the best, you’re going to have a rough time. If you’re goingContinue reading “Being Non-Dominated”


The rhythmic click-click-clack of a keyboard was the only sound in Otto’s apartment that night. The computer monitor glowing bright onto Otto’s face was the only light. It was almost 2AM, and he had to work the next day, but he knew he couldn’t stop now. He was close to a breakthrough, to fixing theContinue reading “Reset”

Against Being Against Growth

It is inconsistent to be against growth or to advocate for social systems because you think they will reduce growth. The most common formulation of this argument that I hear in the wild goes, essentially “capitalism bad because exponential growth is causing problems, do socialism instead” (ignoring the fact that the USSR grew faster thanContinue reading “Against Being Against Growth”

Decision-Making Training for Software Engineering

I recently read this post that discusses the author’s experience leading military decision-making trainings for ROTC cadets during the pandemic. I’m going to briefly discuss what those decision-making trainings looked like, and how the principles could be adapted to teach software engineering effectively. To quote from that article, a Tactical Decision Game (TDG) is aContinue reading “Decision-Making Training for Software Engineering”


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