Eager Student and Disillusioned Professor

EAGER STUDENT: I came to your office hours because I wanted to ask about Intro to Psych.


EAGER STUDENT: So it seems like intro to psych is primarily about memorizing keywords. My friends in higher-level psych classes have told me that terms are usually defined before they are used in the lectures, and they can look up the ones they don’t understand.


EAGER STUDENT: So I was wondering if I could get the prerequisite waived? I think I would be able to do well in other classes, like Psychology of Religion, without Intro to Psych.



DISILLUSIONED PROFESSOR: PsychRel is a 200-level class. You can’t expect to be ready for a 200-level class without taking any 100-level classes.

EAGER STUDENT: Ok, well, what about another 100-level class? Psychology of Creativity? People who aren’t in the major can take that class without a prerequisite!

DISILLUSIONED PROFESSOR: Well, that’s because they’re not in the major.

EAGER STUDENT: How does that make sense? Wouldn’t people in the major tend to have more background knowledge anyway?

DISILLUSIONED PROFESSOR: If you’re in the major, you have to take Intro to Psych anyway. And people are more likely to do a minor if they can get right to the classes they’re interested in.

EAGER STUDENT: Aren’t people in the major more likely to stay if they don’t have to take filler classes?

DISILLUSIONED PROFESSOR: Ask the administrators, not me. It’s not my call to make.

EAGER STUDENT: But you’re the one who lets people skip prereqs!

DISILLUSIONED PROFESSOR: I’m allowed to. But the administrators don’t like it – the College of Psychology gets paid per class.

EAGER STUDENT: The university is really going to prevent me from learning more because it might give money to some college other than the College of Psychology?


EAGER STUDENT: How did that happen?

DISILLUSIONED PROFESSOR: The administrator who proposed the policy got promoted, manages a large team, and now works full-time increasing the number of Psych classes that people take..

EAGER STUDENT: That’s insane.

DISILLUSIONED PROFESSOR: No, it’s Machiavellian.

EAGER STUDENT: What? What does that mean?

DISILLUSIONED PROFESSOR: Take Intro to Psych, and you’ll find out.

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