Blogging on WordPress

At 9:00PM tonight, I decided I wanted to start blogging on WordPress, and I cracked a cider. It is now 9:15PM, and I am drafting the first post on this site. This isn’t my first blog. I have a website where I post under my real name, but it’s harder to write your own blog software than use someone else’s, so I migrated!

Signing up for a WordPress account is weird. It’s very easy, in that it took me 15 minutes, but it’s also very hard, in that each step requires careful reading to find the link that says “don’t pay, pick the free option”. WordPress tried to sell me a domain four times that I counted, and tried to sell me a premium WordPress subscription twice. This feels like the sort of action which is driven by a tech company A/B testing ruthlessly with a short time horizon. Someone ran a test to statistical significance that found that shoving WP Premium down new customers’ throats increases their conversion rate! I’m sure that those people churn at a higher rate, though.

WordPress doesn’t support vim keybindings. That’s unfortunate, but not a deal breaker. I’m pretty sure that being able to drag-and-drop images makes up for it.

Anyway, here’s to a hopefully long and prosperous tenure on WordPress!

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