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The Great Concavity

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On Freedom of Association

If you really care about your romantic partner, and want the best for them, you should support them in leaving you if they find someone better. Someone who would legitimately be better for them to date? Seems downright selfish and mean to keep them away from that person. Go get it, girl! I’m happy for…

On Almost Dying, and Feeling Very Little About It

When I heard that a paper I had worked on was accepted to a conference in North Carolina, it took only four hours for me to take the vacation days and rent a motorcycle and book campsites. It was mythic mode. The reason I learned how to motorcycle was suddenly given to me: it was…

Communal chores make bad incentives

If one person is “on dishes” currently, you have no incentive to not create more dirty dishes. When you are going to have to clean your own dish, you only dirty a dish when it would be worth it. For example, if I have to do my own dishes, I will sometimes eat foods out…